Our Offer


To be inspired by nature is to be inspired by beauty. And we are honoured to claim this inspiration as we create functionally beautiful pieces of art that our customers display in their sanctuaries. We use materials that come from the source and we understand and claim responsibility for ensuring the renewal, regeneration and respect for nature’s cycle.


In lands far, far away, there are Indonesian boats, Indian railway sleepers, drift wood or fallen trees from Thailand; all ingredients that are destined to become waste. At Artemano, we take advantage of these materials. We nurture their histories, their stories, their unique characteristics and rather than see them become disposed, we utilize them in our furniture – highlighting their imperfections as beauty.


Strong advocates of fair trade, we work with the local governments of the countries we source from to implement sound harvesting methods and operational practices that render minimal impact to the forests. Our commitment includes the requirement that sustainable suppliers become our partners and that they adhere to the strict reforestation guidelines as implemented by their home country. We are all in it together.


Trees4Trees is a non-profit foundation established in Indonesia, whom Artemano is proud to partner with. Through the empowering of local communities, Trees4Trees ensures that responsible reforestation occurs using high value seedlings that are distributed to local land owners free of charge. The communities receive related education and training practices to ensure good forestry practices and foster the maximum health of the environment.

For our clients, we provide a WIN number with the purchase of any table which allows them to simulate the planting of a renewed tree.


Although each piece we design and handicraft has a unique recipe, there are a handful of fundamentals that reside in our values which can be seen across our collections. One of those fundamentals is our passion for organic and naturally occurring woods.

These woods represent more than a building material for us. They literally breathe life into our décor, adding strength, colour, environment and mystery in equal proportions. To us, this is the ideal mix for creating organic beauty through our pieces and into your ambiance.




Original designs are created here, spun by the hands of our artists, but tested overseas in their true ‘environments’. By doing so, we ensure the authenticity and the true nature of both material and design. If a piece looks out of place in its natural environment, it does not meet our mandate of authentic exoticism.

Our showrooms are our stages, and we offer inspiration and gentle suggestion on a weekly basis as we change the landscape in each store. Our goal is to demonstrate just how functional and just how versatile our pieces are, and how this will certainly translate into your space as your own energy is added to them.