Our Family



Once strangers, now friends, we are proud to have developed relationships with local suppliers and local artisans in the countries from which we inspire ourselves. These relationships are built on respect for culture, loyalty and integrity to one-another and passion for the craft of design and furniture. Ask us about our network, and with a twinkle in our eye, we will share with you the stories of the artisans and their families; often failing to discuss the actual piece of furniture in question!


For more than fourteen years, we have grown together with our artisans, suppliers and friends, just as the limbs of the formidable trees we utilize in our pieces. Our roots have become strong below the surface, criss-crossing memories while leaving space for growth. It is with great pride that we fondly call this network ours.


At Artemano, we chase the unique by using the world as a playground for culturally-influenced creativity. The byproduct of this search are the functional works of art that we transport from our homes to yours. In perfect combination, we utilize unique and natural materials, we inject cultural influence and design, we master the art of handicraft and woodworking and then we perfectly stage zen through our collections and their complementary accessories. We believe in magic, and we help our customers believe it too.


Original designs are created here, spun by the hands of our artists, but tested overseas in their ‘enviornments’. By doing so, we ensure the authenticity and the true nature of both material and design. If a piece looks out of place in its natural environment, it does not meet our mandate of bringing the exotic to you.

Our showrooms are our stages, and we offer inspiration and gentle suggestion on a weekly basis as we change the landscape in each and every store. Our goal is to show you just how functional and just how versatile our pieces are, and how this will certainly translate into your space as your own energy is added to them.


Inspirational, breath-taking, conversation-sparking and quietly confident, are all wishes we strive our pieces to have. But there is one more quality: functionality. With an eye for detail and utility, we ensure that our pieces are well-integrated – that we are meticulous in both design and usefulness. We pay attention to the details so that you can take a step back and enjoy the grander picture.


Searching for purpose and, simultaneously, searching for means of expression, our suppliers, designers and local artisans are kindred spirits. We are the creative beings, the ones who see the world slightly differently: seeing the angles, the colours and the harmonies in unique ways that beg to be explored. The outcome: creative, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces that sing with creativity when they enter our clients’ homes.


At Artemano, our passports are well-stamped and our team interacts frequently with suppliers and artisans whose phone numbers are longer than ten digits. But it is our local teams, our in-showroom teams, that bring the magic to you. Every week, their mandate is to change the ambiance, displaying how the only thing constant in life truly is change, and that they embrace that fact completely and wholly. In our stores, we live, love and laugh together, creating an in-store experience that will leave you positive and at peace.