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The mood inside can only be described as electric.Upbeat, ambient music floats through the space as guests mingled, sipped tea and exploredthe showroom filled with mixed woods and nature-inspired décor.

This is the opening celebration for the newest Artemano showroom at The Shops at Don Mills in Toronto, where we welcomed clients and tastemakers to the stunning space.

We wanted to create a Zen, relaxed and nature-inspired atmosphere for this event,” said Yoni Amir, our marketing director. “We want people to come in and de-stress.”

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Guests certainly seemed to be making themselves at home. As DJ FeelGoodSmalls spun a set of uplifting beats, partyers snack on Asian-inspired small bites crafted by The Food Dudes catering, including crunchy fresh rolls and taro chips served with a dollop of cauliflower hummus.They relaxed on the plush sofas and chairs, ran their hands along the textured wood grain of the tables and discovered our signature ambiances created by our store designer, Lisanne Blain.

“I wanted to bring in texture and to play with shapes,” she said of her design inspiration. “It’s an open space, but you feel like you’re in different environments throughout the showroom.”

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Using a colour palate of charcoal grey and black, Lisanne has set a dramatic stage for the furniture and décor objects on display. Visitors travel from one distinct ambiance to another, experiencing the fusion of natural and modern elements. “I want people to feel calm and relaxed when they’re here,” Lisanne said. I try to create an escape for people when they come to Artemano.

The party itself proved to be a welcome retreat for guest Felice Kirsh, who was casually walking by when she noticed the fun, laidback atmosphere inside the showroom. “I’ve already run into two of my best friends from high school here and we had the chance to hang out and catch up,” she said while sipping on a glass of sparkling water. “I like the furniture because it’s different from what you usually see, and I think these pieces would make a wonderful statement in my home.”

For this new showroom, Lisanne created a chic, upscale experience by incorporating her own statement-making details. As an example, she points to acustom-designed graphic feature wall thatlends an elegant, contemporary look to the space.

As with all Artemano showrooms, the influence of nature is obvious in Lisanne’s design. Artfully displayed plants create striking moments of vibrant green to contrast the furniture’s warm wood and cool metal tones, and candles flicker throughout the space, bouncing warm, glowing light off the rich wood surfaces. 

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The designer also took advantage of the showroom’s natural light by creating a lounge area in front of a bank of large windows, where guests can sit back, relax and reflect while watching fish glide through the showroom’s large water feature.

“We love it when customers stay for hours in the store,” she said. We want visitors to feel comfortable so we can share the stories behind every piece of furniture.”

It’s those unique stories that have captivated guest Delyana Misheva. Seated comfortably in a Romy dining chair, she quietly contemplated a side table that caught her eye. “It’s made of reclaimed wood from Indonesian fishing boats,” she said. “I love that the recycled wood is good for the environment and looks amazing.”  

The imperfection of the side table that so fascinated Delyana is echoed throughout the space. Cracks in the cement floor, asymmetric tablescapes and the naturally occurring grains and textures in the woods on display evoke the sense that you’ve entered a space where everything can be touched, sampled and experienced. “We believe that the atmosphere you create at home is associated with how you feel,” Yoni said. “We want people to come here to spend time, feel good and enjoy the space.

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