If you had a treasure box what items would you place inside? I’m pretty sure that most of you would say money, gold, precious jewellery or old family photographs. For us at Artemano our treasure box is different, but no less important.

Imagine a life-size treasure box that measures 7,000 square feet with 30 foot ceilings. This is what I discovered on my first day as I was welcomed into the Artemano world.  No one had mentioned this space to me before I set foot inside. I was blown-away by this incredible room to say the least. My reaction was partly triggered by the fact that I hadn’t expected it, but there are other reasons why I marvelled at the space, which contains some of our most prized-possessions.

It’s within this space, on that day, that I first met Shimon. It didn’t take long for him to share with me how he had always dreamed of having a room like this. A place that he could furnish with outstanding pieces he discovers while he travels and which can only be housed in a room of this grandeur.  As a man who loves space because he can fill it, play with it, decorate it and be endlessly creative within it, it’s no wonder that Shimon created this unique showroom.

A kitchen, a living room area, a lounge area, a bedroom area, a dining room area where a table constructed of solid Suar wood that seems to go on forever and which can probably sit thirty people, are all contained within this exceptional showroom. There’s even a spa at the back that evokes rest and relaxation. This is the ultimate showroom for designers and decorators to come visit; to come see and have a first-hand experience at some of Artemano’s exclusive pieces; and to draw inspiration and ideas for decorating large spaces. This is where we Artemano can lend them a hand and help them achieve the aesthetic goals they’re looking to create for their clients.

Personally, I’m fascinated by this showroom, which by now you all know that I refer to as a treasure box.  I’m still amazed that Shimon and the Artemano team created this incredible, beautiful and soothing space. I still can’t believe that it exists a stone’s throw away from Montreal and that I never knew about it. It’s truly a treasure that I’ve uncovered. Not only do I look forward to seeing it each chance I have, but I look forward to spending time within its walls; to sit and take it all in.  To stare at the enormous photographs - taken by Shimon- that hang high, to listen to the calming water coming from the fish tank, which occupies the center of the room, and to have my creativity unleashed and stirred.  

For a virtual tour of the Artemano showroom click on the following link: https://virali.se/jfwW