Chantal Li lives in downtown Toronto. She’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and owner of – an online clothing and accessories boutique, who recently opted to make-over her bedroom. With a renewed bedroom décor, Chantal shares with us a little insight on what drew her to Artemano.  


1. What do you like about your neighbourhood?

My home is steps from Harbourfront so it’s very quiet and peaceful even in the centre of Toronto.

2. Can you tell us one hidden 'gem' in your neighbourhood that you like to frequent?

Touti Gelati Cafe. It has the best handmade ice cream ever. I still haven’t tried out all their flavours yet! What’s the best way to spend the summer time than just chilling by the lake and having your ice cream?

3. Why did you choose to makeover your bedroom? Why did you choose to include Artemano in the makeover process?

I spend lots of time in my bedroom, not only for sleeping, but also for shooting most of my Instagram flat-lays and other lifestyle shoots. I wanted my bedroom to be a place where I relate to the most. And when I first walked into the Artemano store, I had my eyes on the wooden bed that I chose and I just knew “this is it!”






4. What do you think Artemano has added to your living space and your daily life? 

I brought home three wooden pieces from Artemano. The bed, of course is my favourite. I still can’t believe how much my bedroom changed after the makeover. It’s a smaller version of my dream bedroom: It’s almost my dream bedroom just in a smaller size – white space, a big wooden bed and some distinctive artworks. Now every time I walk in the room I literately have a smile on my face. I can feel the story behind each piece and it instantly calms me. This space also makes my daily Instagram shoots so much easier now since I have a perfect white backdrop!





5. If you could add another Artemano piece to your home, what would you choose? 

Definitely one of their big wooden dining tables. I’m actually moving into a bigger place this year and I’m surely going to get that table!

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I love traveling around and discovering different places. But Paris, for sure, is my favourite city in the world. The architecture, culture, fashion, romance… I could just sit in a café for the whole day!

atmn9.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           atmn8.jpg