Sometimes we fall in love with things because of their imperfections.  We bring them home and we recycle them by loving their flaws the way you might love the tiny scar above your husband’s eye, or on your child’s knee. Some of our most treasured possessions may not look like much to others.

In Indonesia we saw past the cracking paint of old fishing boats that were no longer in use, and in India, we saw past the rough, torn up pieces of old wooden railway lines that could no longer bear the weight of heavy trains.

That explains how you may be eating your meals around a table whose wood was once a brightly coloured fishing boat that spent its days floating on the Indian Ocean - wood that resisted rough seas, calm seas, the salt of the ocean, the burning sun of years of days.

Or perhaps you’re resting your feet on a coffee table made from wood that once carried passengers through the largest railway system in the world, in India. That table has vibrated with the rumble of so many trains running across its planks, and ended its journey here, with you. Because some of us can see past this moment, and imagine the future.

Somewhere a tree was uprooted and like Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree, it gave everything it could. We at Artemano believe that tree deserves the longest life possible.  We believe that transforming these once utilitarian items into pieces you fall in love with because of their imperfect beauty, is the biggest thank you we can offer this Earth. Thank you for being part of the journey.