It’s that time of year again - time to share fun times and thoughtful gifts with friends and family, and create a whole new set of memories. To kick off the festive season we asked our fans on Facebook to pick their top 10 holiday gifts from the Artemano collection, and here they are, the items you’re looking forward to giving (or maybe receiving!) this holiday season.

Small is Precious

This time of year is always filled with celebrations, visiting friends at their home, sharing good times together. This metal heart, handmade in India, is a thoughtful token of love that can be used as a special tree ornament or to hang in a sparkling holiday display.

Holiday pricing: $4

Let there be Light

If we were spending the holidays as overnight guests at someone else’s home, we’d say thank you by giving the gift of light.  This set of three metal candle holders is simple, stylish, and very adaptable. We use them to create a focal point at the center of the holiday dining table, or add some warmth to the living room mantle-piece. 

Holiday pricing: $15

Get Switched On

With a base made using individual tree branches and a natural linen shade, this lovely table lamp emits a soft glow that we believe is just right for a night by the fire. Lighting up a cozy reading nook with this nature-inspired piece and treating ourselves to a warm cup of tea while we get lost in a good book is our desired way to enjoy our escape. 

Holiday pricing: $65

Go Organic

The organic forms of this glass display bowl set on an Indonesian teak root base make of it an original decorative item. We would gift this to our mom or sister who disdains the cookie-cutter approach to decoration and delights in finding that unique piece for her home. Its conversational piece-like quality is ever more showcased when filled with delicate blooms or floating candles. 

Holiday pricing: $125

Take a Seat

Opening gifts or playing a board game en masse, if there’s one practical thing we need over the holidays, it’s flexible seating. And if something is practical, there’s no reason why it can’t be beautiful too. This sweet stool with a soft knitted wool top, can serve double duty as a additional seating or an occasional table in any room - from living room to guest bedroom – and look good doing it. 

Holiday pricing: $175

Let’s Reflect

We’d gift this to a keen traveler looking for their next experience overseas. Made in Indonesia from recycled metal and salvaged boat wood, this hand-crafted mirror is a reminder of many sea adventures. The industrial feel of the metal frame is softened by the repurposed wood pieces. We love hanging it in any master bedroom or bathroom, as it adds a touch of personal history to the ambiance. 

Holiday pricing: $350

Lie Low

For us, there’s nothing better over the holidays than relaxing with family over tea or coffee after a delicious meal. We would be delighted in gifting our Indian Rosewood coffee table with its one-of-a-kind wood grain patterns. The central cut-out provides an interesting canvas for a statement candle or collection of festive greenery. 

Holiday pricing: $450

Display Model

The entrance hall is usually the first room our guests see when they enter our home, and therefore we like to maintain it uncluttered and organized. Our Karine console, made from Indian Rosewood is a piece that helps us achieve just that. We suggest you display your favourite Christmas cards along the top intertwined with some holly branches, or arrange candles together to create an enchanting entrance. 

Holiday pricing: $575

Take Sides

The new iterations of this classic piece of furniture make it modern. We believe that our Romy sideboard made from Indian Rosewood will enhance the look and feel of any dining room. Its ample cupboards and drawers make it easy to organize your dinnerware too. Pretty useful for when unexpected guests drop in for a visit.

 Holiday pricing: $1000

Table Talk

Our Anand Rosewood dining table comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can command a room but isn’t too huge that there’s no room left to maneuver. We are amazed by the red, gold and gray natural colours of its wood grain that turn it into a work of art. Pairing it with the right chairs and serving a holiday feast on it offers us the recipe for an unforgettable festive season.  

Holiday pricing: $1250