There’s a subtle shift in the air. I felt it the other day as I stepped outside. The sun hit my face and it felt different than it has in the last few months. This wasn’t the same wintry sun that has made the odd appearance during this past long and arduous winter. This was a sun that felt warmer, rounder and brighter.


Before we know it the smell and sound of melting snow will surround us and minuscule buds will surface on trees. As soon as they emerge they will quickly bloom, dressing up our trees in vivid green, speckled with white, lavender and pink flowers. Our white and more recently grey, wet and muddy outdoors, will turn into a landscape of green lawns beautified by lilacs, tulips and irises. And the songs of birds will ring clearer in our ears.

This is spring. A sort of in-between season whose visit, as lovely as it can be, can also be brief. That is why we at Artemano are eager to welcome and embrace it, and to not allow a single spring day go by without enjoying its full potential.

Via Rachel Carter

For us, spring is a time of renewal. A time when we make a point of opening up our blinds and fully allowing the extra daylight to filter into our homes. A time to take up activities that we left behind when winter came knocking. A time to recharge and to start anew.  

As mother-nature sheds her winter coat and starts to done lighter clothes we are excited to clean house and organize our living environment. This is the time of year when we lift ourselves out of hibernation mode and become more social. We start welcoming people over for brunches, cocktail hour and dinner.  Some of us may start testing out new drink and food recipes or dressing up our dining room tables differently to reflect the changing season. Others may rearrange their furniture, while those who want to take things further may introduce new accessories or pieces of furniture to refresh their ambiances.


These are just some of the things that add to our renewed sociability and sense of freshness. Whatever you do to welcome spring, we encourage you to make a connection with it and enjoy it as much as possible. And also don’t forget to please let me know what spring means to you, how it may inspire you and how you’ll take advantage of it in the comments section below.