As with everything in nature, we are all one of a kind. Our unique characteristics and personalities separate us from others and make us special in our own way. Consider our own skin as a way of storytelling; each line and fold represents countless facial expressions used throughout the years. The fine lines of our skin contribute to our defining features creating layers of uniqueness and history to our life.

Amazingly, nature is very similar. The history and grain of wood is a neat comparison to the facial lines and folds of our skin. Each one of its components tells a story. Imagine if a tree could express itself and talk about the storm that knocked it down, the forest fire that charred it, the elements that it was nourished by, or the insects and animals that visited it. The tree may not be able to express itself verbally, but it does throughnatural cracks, colouring, grain and shape, adding to its uniqueness.

Artemano proudly displays nature’s magical creations in their showrooms. Each piece embodies its own distinctive characteristics and charm, all nurtured by nature. The soil the tree was planted in, the rain, air and sun it was nourished by all contributes to the beauty of our one of a kind products.  

Recently, I guided a young married couple through the store; they expressed that they wanted a table that they could have for years. A table that their relatives and friends would gather around and would use for dining and entertaining. A table that would eventually be handed down to their very own children. This Artemano table would serve as a special place to sit and gather at each day, creating special memories for the years ahead. One of the greatest joys I have working at Artemano is finding the right piece that will enrich my clients’ lives and be beautifully displayed in their own home. A few days ago a client shared with me that she couldn’t wait to include one of our Suar freeform tables with its distinct character in her home. The table she selected would live in her kitchen, the heart of her home. Finding a table like the one she loved, inspired her creative spirit and made her appreciate natural beauty in its undressed form.

Each unique piece in the store exudes a personality that reflects the style of different clients. Having a decorative and functional piece that is reflective of nature and full of personality creates excitement for clients to take it home. It’s quite a special experience to see my clients happy and in love with our nature inspired products. And to witness how the power of nature is echoed in both our furniture and on our clients’ faces.