Picture 2 rooms. They both have a grey sofa, a cream-colored rug and red throw pillows. When you walk in the first room, it feels cold and empty. When you walk in the second, somehow it feels warm and inviting. You can’t quite explain why one feels better than the other, it just does.  That is the power of lighting!

So, what does ‘properly lit’ mean?  The best way to light any room is by layering. Layering is mixing task lights (near a desk, above a kitchen island), accent or decorative lights (table lamps), and general lighting (pot lights). Having all of these in a room at once allows you to choose the intensity and type of lighting depending on your mood. The best-lit rooms have layers of light that all blend well together.

Plan your room’s lighting based on the ways in which you will use them.I love to work on bedroom lighting.  Who doesn’t want to create a romantic ambiance in a master bedroom?! Artemano does “sexy lighting” better than anyone else! The Round Metal Lamp with Heart Shape Design is one of my favourites. When it’s off, it looks like a beautiful piece of art. And when it’s lit, it casts a soft and romantic pattern on the wall. This is accent lighting at it’s best.

As the days start to get longer, we aren’t as dependent on general lights such as pot lights - which tend to be whiter and brighter - to illuminate a room. I prefer to use a chandelier, which acts as both a dimmable ambient fixture and decorative accent. Try to have all of your lights on dimmers. It allows for a lot more flexibility and versatility.

Think outside the box when it comes to lighting. Instead of table lamps on either side of your couch, try hanging a fixture instead. It draws your eye up, flanks a couch beautifully and is an unexpected change.  I love Artemano’s Round Hanging Lamp Made of Metal Wire. It’s globe shape makes it a bit more playful but its color and texture are so sophisticated.

Candles are a light source which are often overlooked! Its soft glow is extremely relaxing and sets a very calm tone. Place it near a mirror like Artemano’s Freeform Suar Wood Mirror and watch the light bounce into dark corners and brighten dead ends. Put that next to your bubble bath and enjoy! Can you think of a better way to end your day?!

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