With spring upon us, one of our favourite ways of celebrating and bringing the season into our home is by dressing up our dining room table. We’ve come up with a few fun and simple steps to help you create a spring-like table setting that conveys the fresh, clean feel of the season. Ultimately, we hope that these tips will help you fully enjoying this time of year and take your everyday dining experience to a different level.



Given that we are lovers of wood and that our dining room tables are made of this incredible organic element, we want them to remain the focus. So we don’t believe in overloading and crowding our table. At springtime nature is renewing itself and so keeping things simple when dressing up our table allows us to showcase wood’s perfect imperfections - its grain, its crack and its variations in colours.  Simplicity enables us to maintain things light and airy, keeping us in tune with the season.


Using Texture

We love the idea of placing plates directly on the table, especially white or light coloured ones, which work well for spring and create a crisp, impactful contrast when set against the colours of wood.   To add some texture you can use place mats or cloth napkins. Round wicker place mats and burlap napkins can be whimsical.  When it comes to adding textiles, cream, white, light greys and pastel hues are always a good option. What you’ll achieve is a look that is very soft, spring-like and fresh.  But if you prefer to go jazz things up you should chose a pop of colour like vibrant oranges, greens, yellows, pinks and turquoises.

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Incorporating nature and light

Tulips, irises and lilacs are just some of the spring flowers that you can beautify your table.  We love individually cut flowers floating on water, in shallow glass bowls or single-stemmed ones, siting in small glass vases or jars. Whichever of the two you decide to pick, we suggest that you line them up at the center of your table. 

If you’re decorating a table for an evening meal, the use of candles is always a good idea. Just like with the flowers, place them in the middle of the table. If you want to go that extra step and create a mood that is unique and magical, you can also use other lights in the room. For example, our metal pierced table lamps, can help you set an evening mood that conveys spring-time in a faraway place. 


Creativity and detail
Finding new and creative ways to dress-up your table can be a fun experience. By paying attention to details you can use the full-potential of your creativity.  One way to achieve this and add a unique touch to your table is to tuck a twig of lavender or rosemary, or a stick of cinnamon into each person’s napkin. Creating a non-traditional centerpiece, by using, for example, our slate oval bowl and filling it with candles that are surrounded by cut flowers, is another.  


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Now it’s your turn! Show us how you’re dressing up your table this spring. Click here for full details on how to enter our Spring Table Setting Photo Contest for your chance to win a $250 Artemano gift certificate.