Over the years, we have developed a network of suppliers that allow us to continue innovating while we improve our products. For our selection of commercial products, we only work with suppliers who are equipped with the latest technologies in production and in process of wood drying. We emphasize more production method based on the technology side that on the labor intensive, to allow us to produce the optimal quality for products of commercial use. Most of the pieces are created from our team’s drawings. All prototypes are tested to make sure they are ready for commercial use. These processes include the ‘‘knock down’’ technic which allows each piece of furniture to come disassembled in several parts with a plan of instructions assembly. This process gives us the advantage and the possibility of shipping these pieces everywhere using the minimal amount of space. Our team is constantly looking for new hardware and systems to improve the use of the product. We also develop our own finishes which respects the nature of the grain and the material. All our products are protected by our industrial quality and non-toxic lacquer to allow easy maintenance, resistance to traffic and withstand the test of time.