14 years of love

14 years of love

Artemano - January 30, 2017

February 14 is upon us... What a perfect opportunity to tell you about our story, which is rooted in love. A love that is still going strong, and that we want to continue to share over and over again. 

As fellow nature lovers with a hunger to learn and a passion for distant lands, like India and Thailand, Shimon and Eyal joined forces in 2003. With a keen artistic flair, as captured particularly through his photography, Shimon is filled with a sense of well-being and calm every time he sets foot in one of his stores. Business savvy Eyal is also fascinated by esthetics and beauty. Surrounded by a team of designers, he is responsible for the design of new products. As co-founders, they share a great fondness for rare varieties of wood, such as suar and mango, from which the company’s signature large tables are made. 

With such compelling beginnings, needless to say that, at Artemano, we’ve loved every minute of what we’ve been doing for the past 14 years! As a matter of fact, love is all around us. We forged true friendships with our suppliers – our heroes! – who seek out and process the raw materials that our furniture is made of. In developing partnerships with local artisans, Artemano had no idea that these individuals would eventually become entrepreneurs! Their businesses followed in Artemano’s footsteps; and little did we know that a local Southeast Asian economy would grow along with us! As for the raw materials, Eyal and his designers turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture that are enhanced, in our stores, with fine accessories to create a cozy mood. But Artemano is also built on the dedication and commitment of its employees, who work in our stores, warehouse facilities, and head office, and across the world. And last but not least, our clients, who fall in love with our products and the ambiances we create, are at the heart of our story. As we celebrate our 14th anniversary, we would like to thank all the actors who help bring Artemano’s world to life. 

Nothing pleases us more than conveying to you our love of nature, of the exotic, of people, of wood, of the arts, and of life. 

We hope you are inspired by the spirit that exudes from our unique pieces to create your own soothing spaces. You are welcome to visit one of our stores, and to take some of the love home with you! 

The passionate team at Artemano 


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