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About Artemano

About Artemano


We believe that daily life is the most beautiful journey – Beyond simple furnishings, our creations bring to light the organic beauty of wood. Pairing unique handcrafted pieces of furniture with new owners to capture and express who they are is a privilege that we cherish every day.

Welcome to Artemano.


About Artemano

Why we do what we do

Everyday is a getaway

Home is an escape, a retreat and a refuge, but it is also a portal into an inner world – a place for inspiration and renewal. Artemano loves to create it by conjuring the right ambiance that gives one a place to shine and unwind.

Escape artists

Turning a home into an escape is about paying attention to every detail in order to capture a precise feeling, to recreate an otherwise fleeting sensation of total serenity.

On his travels to the Far East, Artemano founder and co-owner Shimon Finkelstein often finds himself in enchanting locations where he feels transported out of time, as if each space had its own story to tell, its own history to share. The awe-inspiring beauty of nature, of a river flowing, of a flame flickering in the dark, of the sun setting, majestic, on the horizon…

What a privilege it is to reconnect with that feeling, that energy, when one steps inside one’s home.

Ambiances inspired by nature’s creations

It is a delight to convey our unwavering love of wood. Nothing radiates awe and beauty like wood. Like fingerprints, the grain of wood is unique, and the slightest irregularity sings the charms of imperfection – of life lived. Our passion for wood is ingrained in our values and in each of our creations.

A fusion of light and dark, of new and old, the ambiances we create are inspired by nature and a desire to share what we have discovered in our travels. We find great joy every day in creating ambiances that bring us serenity and completion. It is a great privilege to fulfill our dream, and to share our passion with others.


Our history – A passion shared

Artemano is a dream come true. – Artemano was founded in 2002 when the first store opened its doors in Laval, on Le Corbusier Boulevard. The company’s Zen-inspired signature look took root with clean-cut, contemporary furnishings. The owners – Shimon Finkelstein and Eyal Shoam – envisioned creations that fostered a deep connection with wood. A second store was opened in Brossard’s popular Quartier DIX30 district in October 2006. In the wake of new excursions to the South East, the owners’ desire to share their treasures and their passion prompted the opening of a third location, this time in the heart of Montreal. Armed with their experience and intuition, and backed by a group of dedicated employees who share their passion, they further refined the essence of the Artemano brand and vision, opening a fourth store in Quebec City. Keen on making the Artemano creations and distinct ambiances even more widely accessible, the owners opened a fifth store in Toronto, in September 2013. And the dream continues.

Shimon and Eyal – Embodying the spirit of Artemano

Naturally gifted for photography, Shimon is constantly on the lookout for the breathtaking images that will capture his vision of a perfect world. He has an innate ability for encapsulating a feeling he has experienced, and distilling the essence of that emotion into an ambiance, an immersive cocoon… an escape. Shimon shares his never-ending quest for beauty with his partner Eyal, and their combined force is expressed in Artemano’s warm, soulful collections.

Ambiance awakens the ‘genius loci’ – the spirit of a place. It lets it breathe and gives it wings. It is a launching pad for the soul.


Eyal’s proficiency in architecture, his knack for imagining evolutionary, multi-purpose furniture designs, and his deep appreciation for aestheticism mesh perfectly with Shimon’s artistic insight. A creative spirit in his own right, Eyal leverages his broad expertise in retail management. Their deep friendship and shared passion for the Indian way of life and its serene beauty are the heart of Artemano, and the fountainhead of its unique voice.

East meets West – Artemano’s creations originate from South and Southeast Asia, particularly India, Indonesia and Thailand. It is there that an unrelenting quest for substance unfolds: ancestral, exotic pieces rich in local flavor and craftsmanship are selected and shipped to Canada, then re-purposed in a more functional design that fits the Western way of life where their new life begins.

Wood medley – Artemano develops its own collections using select types of wood. For instance, sheesham – a special variety of Indian rosewood collected on environment-friendly groves – stands out for its beautiful grain, which gives the pieces their unique character. Artemano also features collections in mango, suar, teak and acacia.

Wood, in all its breathtaking beauty and quirky originality, is an ode to individuality and character.

Old is beautiful

Renewal and regeneration are pillars of the Artemano philosophy. On a constant search for new ways to reveal the timeless beauty of old wood, Artemano rescues the wood from old Indonesian fishing boats, railway ties – or sleepers – from India, old construction wood from Thailand, as well as salvaged drift wood and storm-felled trees.

Furniture crafted from reclaimed wood is steeped in history and character, breathing new life into the old. And the cycle continues.

We love to imagine the stories ancient, salvaged wood has to tell – the people that have tread upon it, or ran their fingers along its grain, the history it has borne witness to over time.

Artemano wood – The journey travelled

The paths that Artemano wood takes are many and diverse, depending on variety and country of origin.

For sheesham, for instance, the journey begins in the forests of Punjab India, well known for producing the largest Indian Rosewood trees due to its ideal growth climate. We source our raw wood from certified sustainable wood suppliers that operate solely in government-regulated plantations.

The next step in the conversion process is to remove all the excess moisture from the freshly cut wood. Our local suppliers kiln-dry and season each individual piece to ensure the highest protection and durability.

Artemano wood bears the mark of local craftspeople. – Our wood then travels to Rajasthan, the mesmerizing province that is the craftsmanship capital of India, in part because of its dry climate. Once there, skilled local artisans deploy their talent and creative fiber to work the wood into the stunning final products you see in our stores.

The last critical step of the journey is where the beautifully grained wood is warmed with Artemano’s uniquely blended lacquer finish at our in-house facility. Only then is the piece of furniture ready to meet with its new owner.


Artemano believes in fair trade.

Green, reforestation and sustainable are not just words, they are perspectives.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

– Old Indian proverb

Nature’s creations are our source of inspiration. – Throughout the entire process we work directly with local governments to implement sound harvesting methods and operational practices, so that disturbances to forests are kept to a strict minimum. We make it a point to partner with certified sustainable suppliers that meet the strict reforestation guidelines enforced by local governments. The companies we associate with share our social commitment to local communities and provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their talents.


The bottom line is: We are all in it together.